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How to Write a Delightful Dedication

November 12, 2015 793 Views No comments

When you find the perfect Put Me In The Story gift, you are discovering a brand new way to connect with the special people in your life. Many of our gifts can be personalized with a name, but nothing makes a gift more special than sharing the words that come straight from your heart.

Absolutely Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas

October 30, 2015 1176 Views No comments

See how one little baby is celebrating Halloween in a big way.

What if every day was Halloween? For one lucky little boy in Chicago, it is! Henry Corner Miller and his family are celebrating the return of the Halloween season with a new Halloween costume for every day of October. Thanks to his parents and their ingenious Halloween costume ideas, baby Henry and his wickedly cute Halloween costumes have become a big hit on Instagram. From a cute Clark Kent to a precious little pineapple, baby Henry is giving super sweet Halloween costume ideas for kids everywhere.

Storytime Tips For Your Child

October 22, 2015 1188 Views No comments

Storytime Reading Tips for Your Child

Did you know that books hold a special role in raising a bright, happy, healthy child? Of course books are fun to see and share, but storytime can give your growing child the perfect brain boost, too! We know that every child learns and grows differently, so we’ve created a checklist of storytime tips to wow any lucky little kiddo.

4 Chapter Books Your Middle Schooler Should Seriously Read

October 8, 2015 1048 Views No comments

4 chapter books your middle schooler must read. Announcing Lemony Snicket - All the Wrong Questions Series

Get a thumbs up from your middle schooler in real life.

Yes, your lovely little one has grown into a cool kid that’s too big for bedtime stories. But at Put Me In The Story, we believe it’s never too late to send them off with a book that takes them to a different world. We recently worked with Lemony Snicket to personalize his “All The Wrong Questions” chapter book series for the very first time.

5 Ways To Make Bedtime More Fun

September 24, 2015 3508 Views No comments

5 Ways to Make Bedtime More Fun

Bedtime – the perfect time for kids to list every possible reason why they are not ready for bed. Sound familiar? We’re here to help you create a bedtime full of cuddles and hugs instead of kicks and screams. It’s never too late to start a sweet routine that you and your child can stick to.

We have compiled 5 tried and true techniques for a fuss-free bedtime. All you need is a little time and lots of love to share! Read along to develop the sweet, snuggly bedtime of your dreams.