Star Wars: The Force Inside Personalized Book

In a galaxy far, far away, everyone must decide where their true allegiance lies. Are you Jedi or Sith? All the most powerful heroes and villains in the Star Wars universe are here to reveal the Force inside you!

First Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia ask questions to guide you and help you become a Jedi Master. Remember, as a Jedi, you will feel the Force flowing through you. Then the dark side of the Force will try to sway you – flip the book over and meet General Grievous, Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious.

At the center of this activity book you will find a personalized certificate and poster with your picture, that can be removed and framed, revealing your rank among the Jedi or the Sith!

Personalize The Force Inside for your Star Wars fan with a name, picture and message of guidance. And may the Force be with you always!

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

Ships to United States, Canada and Guam.

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Product Details

  • Hardcover
  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Pages: 40
  • Age Range: 8 to Grown Up

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