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Nancy King King PhD

Imagine a little girl, hiding behind a sofa, snuggled under her covers, or sitting on a rock in the woods. Her eyes are closed. Now imagine yourself inside the little girl's head. She's turned on the theatre in her mind's eye and sees the images of the stories she tells herself.

Years later, Nancy King, the little girl now a grown woman, is still telling stories, traveling the world, helping people in schools, universities, mental hospitals, prisons, recreational centers, battered women shelters, and various kinds of staff development programs to rediscover their creativity and imagination, by finding and sharing their stories in storymaking workshops.

Nancy King holds a Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University in Symbolic Learning and has spent many years intertwined with stories and storytelling. The author of plays, books, and articles, Nancy resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she continues to write, weave, study and teach.

Please visit her website: nancykingstories.com
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