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Best Motivational Quotes for Hardworking Moms

April 15, 2019 6199 Views

Being a mom is hard work! Remind the moms in your life how important they are with these heartwarming quotes about the rewards of motherhood. We picked out the sweetest, cutest, most inspirational quotes from childrens' books to put a smile on every mommy's face.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Easter Egg Decorating

April 10, 2019 4023 Views

Sure, old-fashioned egg dyeing is fun, but this year we wanted to try something different. With the help of some volunteers, we tried 5 new egg decorating techniques that we think you and your little one will love!

DIY: Super Puffy Tulle Tutus for Your Princess Birthday Party

March 14, 2019 12091 Views

Princess parties are SO in right now! Earlier this week, one of our crafty team members, Kelsey, walked us step by step through how to plan the perfect first birthday party, including a tutorial on how to make a fun DIY punch board game for kids to get their party favors from. But that's not where her creativity ends! In her birthday planning post, Kelsey talks about the fun of getting to plan the perfect birthday outfit for your little one. She decided on an adorable white onesie with the word "one!" written in gold sparkles over the chest and topped it off with a baby pink headband bow. Then, she took her fashion inspiration to the next level and created an absolutely precious tulle tutu with four colors and a ton of volume! Her pink and gold color scheme gave the prettiest princess vibes, and everyone fawned over the little birthday princess!

DIY Punch Board Game for Kids’ Parties

March 5, 2019 15424 Views

Now that you've learned how to plan the perfect birthday party, you know you need exciting games and memorable party favors to keep the fun alive. Kelsey, one of our crafty Put Me In The Story team members, found the perfect solution to combine these two with an innovative and inexpensive craft. For those who don't know, punch board games are easy to make and have very simple rules. It's like a fresh new take on a piñata, except it's even better because it's a safe game to play indoors, and it's sure to wow the parents and kids who haven't seen anything like it before. With adult supervision, kids simply line up and (gently) punch through a tissue paper circle to find surprise party favors inside. Easy! Kids love the excitement of finding secret treasures, and parents love knowing that their little ones will stay busy and safe with a fun way to channel their sugar-fueled energy.

7 Tips for Planning a Kid's Birthday Party

February 28, 2019 4885 Views

Our friend Kelsey recently threw her daughter an AMAZING first birthday bash. We asked her to share the fun, joy, and stress of putting the party together with us. She writes, "Even though it wasn’t always easy—I had a lot of questions, a few late nights, and got a lot of new craft supplies—in the end, I was left with happy memories that will last our family a lifetime!"