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3 Magical Bedtime Tips from a Clinical Psychologist

February 19, 2019 3308 Views

Parents want to unwind after a long day, but struggle with getting their kids to bed and keeping them there for the entire night. Here are three tried-and-true suggestions from clinical psychologist Dr. Thomas Phelan.

​Best Book For Raising Confident Girls: My Name Is Not Isabella

February 15, 2019 5447 Views

In this story, your child steps into the shoes of six outstanding women who have changed history. She gets to become an astronaut, an activist, a scientist, a mother, and so much more—teaching her that she can be anything and everything she wants to be, just like these real-life women. This book will teach your little girl to take pride in her intelligence, bravery, kindness, and capacity to love.

Free Blissful Bedtime Playlist: Best Lullabies for Babies

February 12, 2019 2070 Views

Put Me In The Story is proud to release our FREE Blissful Bedtime Lullaby Playlist complete with child-tested, parent-approved songs to soothe even the most restless babies, toddlers, big kids, and adults. With these songs in the background, a good night’s sleep is only minutes away!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Free Printable Bookmarks

February 6, 2019 2731 Views

Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to show family and friends how much we love and appreciate them. No matter how you like to celebrate this holiday, whether it’s with cards, candy, or both, the most important thing is to share the message that’s in your heart.

We made these punny bookmarks to help you spread smiles on February 14th. Hand out the full-color versions, or print and color your own!

Celebrate Elmo’s birthday with easy DIY fan decorations!

February 3, 2019 17611 Views

Happy birthday, Elmo! Today’s craft is brought to you by the number… 47! That’s right, our beloved Sesame Street character, Elmo, turns 3 years old today… for the 47th year in a row! We couldn’t be more excited to help Elmo celebrate this special day, so we’ve planned an exciting DIY craft for you and your family to celebrate with us. It’s fun, easy, fast, and sure to bring giggles galore.