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February 2013

Personalized Bestselling Kids' Books Really Rock!

February 25, 2013 7896 Views


It's been an incredibly exhilarating 90 days here at Put Me In The Story. A lot has happened in such a short time, and we have YOU to thank for that!

We've had so many people personalize our books. It's amazing, and profoundly touching. We made a word cloud for the office with the names of the first couple hundred children that have been put into our stories. You can see it below. (Can you find your child's name?)

Another extraordinary thing has happened to us: ELMO joined our family!!!

We are so excited to provide you and your children with Elmo Loves You for the FIRST time in personalized form. Stay tuned for more familiar friends coming your way! You can also keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter to receive up-to-date news as well as exclusive coupons.

To continue to provide the best personalized experience for you and your family, we always welcome feedback on our website, books, and app. So please send us a note with your thoughts!

Here's some of what we've heard so far:

Personalized Kids' Books

"I was impressed with the gorgeous hardcover I received. And the personalization, which was a piece of cake to do on the site, took it up a notch above awesomeness. This will make one little girl feel very special, when I give her the book in a few weeks."—Megan

"Cute stories for reading to my kids at bedtime. It is excellent for kids who like to read."—Davidmtr

"My children loved these books, seeing them come to life here is amazing! Thanks, Sourcebooks, for making these available."—DeeLee3659

"The book came today, earlier than I thought, and it is perfect!! Thank you so much."—Annick

"We've been so pleased with the Put Me In The Story books that we recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect children's gift. The books are a true keepsake that will be treasured in years to come, and I can't wait to surprise Kora & Logan's cousins with books of their own one day!"—Tesa

"The book is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!"—Melissa

"It's a wonderful gift. I love how the entire book turned out! My daughter was so excited to see her name and photo in this book. Thank you so much!"—Cassie

Kinsley loves reading this book over and over. It feels personal to her, like I am not just reading a book but saying each word to her specifically. The book was so easy to customize, and shipping was much faster than I expected. It was a huge hit with my baby girl!—Melanie

Personalized Children's App

"We're using this app pretty much every night! The kids love the books (Kristi Yamaguchi!) and they're actually kids' books I like reading again and again too. Intuitive, easy interface for putting kids in the story."—Samcallahan

"My daughter and I have had so much fun with this app already. She loves Dream Big, Little Pig!, and it was so much fun for her to be in the story. We read The Night Night Book every night. What a great idea!"—Suegen1776

"Excellent app for young kids and/or preschoolers! It's great when they get to learn, have fun, and get involved in smart apps like this! Thanks for coming up with it!"—DonDragonWil

"It's great for kids! Simple and lovely!"—Muneca_D

"I've been searching high and low for the perfect Christmas gift for my nieces and nephews this year and luckily I read the New York Times. I downloaded the app and made a book. Super cute graphics, impressive new technology that both kids and parents will love, and a great and growing selection of books to choose from. The app is free and you get one book free too. I'm looking forward to another holiday as the 'cool' aunt. Thank you, Sourcebooks!!"—Coolauntm

Put Me in the Story Personalized Childrens app

Marianne Richmond's Inspiration for "If I Could Keep You Little..."

February 19, 2013 10953 Views

If I Could Keep You Little Personalized Book

Through the years, people have asked me where I get my ideas. For me, it's through being an observer of life. Listening to people's tellings. What moves them. But more so, listening for the themes that run through everyone's journey. As unique as we all are, we share universal feelings about our most heartfelt experiences of love, loss, and family. I write to capture the "unique everybody."

Marianne Richmond, If I Could Keep You LittleThe spark for writing If I Could Keep You Little…, for example, was ignited by my own experience of watching my four kids grow, and wistfully recalling their "littler" times. During a particular moment of cuteness from one of my kids, I put my hand on his 6-year-old head and said, "Oh…if I could just keep you little."

Now, while my mom self fully resonated with this sentiment, my author self immediately recognized a great book title! That's the sixth sense developed over 20 years of writing—you know it when you know it.

What I couldn't have known, however, was how far and wide this book would travel (more than 250,000 copies sold!) and how deeply it would connect with mamas of all ages! Whether sending a child off to kindergarten or college, moms wistfully reminisce about days gone by. Yet, at the same time, they know they wouldn't miss for the world the adventures forthcoming!

"If I Could Keep You Little... really connects to what parents feel as they watch their tiny bundle of joy quickly grow before their eyes. A great addition to your child's library to pass down to them as they get older, or for a special gift for that new addition to any family you know."—Carey

I love walking the journey with kindred souls and look forward to giving voice to our collective stories for years to come! I'm listening…

Marianne Richmond

Laura Duksta on the Message of Love

February 14, 2013 9108 Views


This is the week when we all talk about love a little more. When I had the idea for I Love You More I realized I wanted people to be talking about, expressing, showing, and sharing their love for one another all the time! It was first written for my nephew Tyler, as my sister and her husband were going through a difficult time. Soon I realized it was bigger than that, and that it was written so that all children might know, no matter what was going on in their lives or in the world around them how truly loved they are.


I've figured out over the years that I Love You More is just as much for the parents, grandparents, teachers, preachers, aunts and uncles, as it is for the kids they read it to. It's a message we all benefit from hearing over and over again. I hope "I love you" is the phrase that our children hear the most every day. My book helps ensure this by repeating the phrase "I love you" over twenty times. I encourage you to read I Love You More with your children and watch the power and magic of love brighten up your world!

Keep Shining!


You can find more information about Laura at: www.lauraduksta.com or at www.facebook.com/laura.duksta

Send a Valentine From Your Favorite Character

February 4, 2013 8321 Views

Send a Valentine from your favorite character! Download these FREE Put Me In The Story Valentines!

Give your child the perfect Valentine's Day cards from their favorite characters. Print off these sweet sentiments and personalize them for the special ones in your life.