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March 2013

The Changing World of Children's Books

March 29, 2013 17505 Views

The Changing World of Children's Books by Dominique Raccah

This past week was the 50th anniversary of the Bologna Children's Book Fair and saw our very own CEO and publisher, Dominique Raccah, provide the keynote address at the Tools of Change 2013 event on the day before the fair.

In her presentation on "The Changing World of Children's Books" she spoke about how the empowering of children would change publishing as we know it. Interactive platforms, such as Put Me in the Story, are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Raccah stated, "We are at a space where books and print and apps intersect. Children respond to interactivity, as do parents because it is part of a virtuous circle of helping their child read."

You can view Raccah's entire presentation below.

Bologna toc 2013 changing world of children's books from Dominique Raccah

Dream BIG With Isabella During Women's History Month

March 27, 2013 5305 Views

Celebrating Women's History Month With Jennifer Fosberry and My Name is Not Isabella

In a world of princesses, fairies, and mermaids, Isabella creates a space for scientists, doctors, and astronauts.

Women's History Month is an important time to look back through our history and to celebrate the influential women who have overcome obstacles and paved the way for women of the future. It is important to raise our sons and daughters in a way that inspires them to make progress for equal opportunity for all women. We have come a long way and need to continue to unblock every door so that all dreams are possible for future generations.

My Name Is Not Isabella is so much more than a beautiful and engaging picture book. Isabella inspires young girls to dream big. It uses a little girl's imagination to draw young readers a picture of what possibilities exist for girls and delivers an inspiring message to young girls about following their dreams and finding positive female role models. This New York Times bestselling book takes the reader through a journey of some of the most fascinating personalities of recent history. My Name Is Not Isabella embodies everything that everyone, especially children, should know. Think Big. Dream Big.

Jennifer Fosberry "I wrote My Name Is Not Isabella to introduce my daughter to some awesome female role models. I am so happy that, through Put Me In The Story, anyone can make their own daughter the Star of an Isabella story. So for Women's History Month, make it more personal and show someone special all the great people they can be, including themselves," —Jennifer Fosberry

You can also help your child celebrate their own dreams and heroes by downloading our free dream cards.


Personalization and the Power to Dream by Kristi Yamaguchi

March 5, 2013 13864 Views

Personalized Books and the Power of Dreams

I am excited about Poppy the pig being a part of the Put Me In The Story personalized platform because it's such an innovative and creative way to really engage a child's imagination within a book. There's no better way, in my eyes, for a child to connect with a story than when they are the star of it! So just like Poppy, I can see how Put Me In The Story will encourage kids to Dream Big!

Picture books, by their very nature, are meant to entertain, inspire, and foster love.

kristi-yamaguchi photo (c) Claire Deliman for M MagazineIn Dream Big, Little Pig!, Poppy plans to do just that! Whether she's auditioning for Swan Lake, singing on Singing Stars, or modeling for Supermodel Search, Poppy gets support from friends and family. Like me, when she encounters the ice rink, Poppy finally realizes that this, in fact, is her dream. Regardless of how many times she falls, or how many people tell her she can't do it, Poppy persists.

My older daughter, Keara, named "Poppy." I chose a pig because I have always loved pigs, was born in the year of the pig, and collected anything "pig" when I was younger. They have been good luck to me. And a pig did seem to present a fun personality that came along with her own challenges. Aside from naming Poppy, my girls gave a little feedback on what Poppy's wardrobe should be like. They are a good test audience and are very honest on whether they like the story or not!

Poppy and the story were inspired by my two daughters. It was more about letting them know that dreams take hard work and there are challenges along the way, but they should never give up. My husband and I do try to encourage our girls to dream big and to be positive—all the while teaching them that it takes hard work too!

Kristi Yamaguchi Personalized Books

Having been born with deformed feet, I know what it means to face adversity from personal experience. I wore plaster casts on my legs until I was a year old. When the casts came off, I wore corrective shoes connected by a brace to turn my feet until I was about two.

Skating wasn't assigned to me, but when I expressed an interest in it at the age of five, the doctors said it would help. I remember seeing Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill and wanting to capture the magic of those shows. Through persistence and hard work, I overcame my challenges and achieved my dream of becoming an Olympic champion.

Like Poppy, I learned about adversity and the importance of perseverance. As the mother of two young girls, I'm hoping that Poppy will inspire kids to do the same.

The motto "Always Dream" has served as my personal inspiration for many years. It is my constant reminder to dream big, never lose sight of my goals, and strive to become a better person. This book represents my desire to share that with children everywhere.

— Kristi Yamaguchi

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