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November 2018

Build Your Own Elf Trap: The North Pole Diner

November 30, 2018 2562 Views

Elves have a lot of tricks up their tiny red sleeves. If The Gingersnap 400 didn’t help you catch one, we've got another idea. Everyone in Santa's workshop loves the tasty treats on the North Pole Diner holiday menu. Make your own decoy diner to lure the elf using paint, posters, index cards, and clay. Who knows? This could be the trap that helps you catch an elf!

12 Days of Deals Daily Animation

November 21, 2018 9141 Views

We're having a blast delivering festive fun to thousands of doorsteps this season! We hope you enjoy our daily animations, created by a bunch of kids-at-heart. Happy holidays!

Build Your Own Elf Trap: The Gingersnap 400

November 16, 2018 1902 Views

Christmas is almost here, which means that Santa and his cleverest elf will soon be on their way to your house! Could this be the year you finally see them in person? You’ll have to be smart and quick, but the plan is all laid out. Santa and his helpers can't resist candy canes and gum drops, so just follow the instructions for The Gingersnap 400, and you might be the first to catch an elf!