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4 Chapter Books Your Middle Schooler Should Seriously Read

October 8, 2015 7600 Views

4 chapter books your middle schooler must read. Announcing Lemony Snicket - All the Wrong Questions Series

Get a thumbs up from your middle schooler in real life.

Yes, your lovely little one has grown into a cool kid that's too big for bedtime stories. But at Put Me In The Story, we believe it's never too late to send them off with a book that takes them to a different world. We recently worked with Lemony Snicket to personalize his "All The Wrong Questions" chapter book series for the very first time.

"Handler is the latest addition to an impressive list of creative heavy-hitters who have signed on to produce personalized books with Sourcebooks, a publisher in Naperville that launched its personalized Put Me In the Story division in 2013."
Chicago Tribune

We are thrilled to invite Lemony Snicket's "All The Wrong Questions" series into the Put Me In The Story family. We believe that your family, especially your middle schooler, will love these newly personalized books filled with myths and mysteries. Remember to use a kid-approved picture to personalize your book. That stream of selfies might be a good place to start! You're just a few clicks away from earning your personalized book-giving cool points.

Don't believe us? Check out Nara Schoenberg's Chicago Tribune article to learn more about our latest adventure with Lemony Snicket.