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Marianne Richmond's Inspiration for "If I Could Keep You Little..."

Marianne Richmond's Inspiration for "If I Could Keep You Little..."

If I Could Keep You Little Personalized Book

Through the years, people have asked me where I get my ideas. For me, it's through being an observer of life. Listening to people's tellings. What moves them. But more so, listening for the themes that run through everyone's journey. As unique as we all are, we share universal feelings about our most heartfelt experiences of love, loss, and family. I write to capture the "unique everybody."

Marianne Richmond, If I Could Keep You LittleThe spark for writing If I Could Keep You Little…, for example, was ignited by my own experience of watching my four kids grow, and wistfully recalling their "littler" times. During a particular moment of cuteness from one of my kids, I put my hand on his 6-year-old head and said, "Oh…if I could just keep you little."

Now, while my mom self fully resonated with this sentiment, my author self immediately recognized a great book title! That's the sixth sense developed over 20 years of writing—you know it when you know it.

What I couldn't have known, however, was how far and wide this book would travel (more than 250,000 copies sold!) and how deeply it would connect with mamas of all ages! Whether sending a child off to kindergarten or college, moms wistfully reminisce about days gone by. Yet, at the same time, they know they wouldn't miss for the world the adventures forthcoming!

"If I Could Keep You Little... really connects to what parents feel as they watch their tiny bundle of joy quickly grow before their eyes. A great addition to your child's library to pass down to them as they get older, or for a special gift for that new addition to any family you know."—Carey

I love walking the journey with kindred souls and look forward to giving voice to our collective stories for years to come! I'm listening…

Marianne Richmond

February 19, 2013
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