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Put on an Egg-cellent Easter Egg-stravaganza with egg-decorating crafts, egg-hiding techniques, and more!

April 4, 2014 5927 Views

Easter Egg Decorating from Put Me In The Story

Decorating Easter eggs has reached an entirely new dimension with all the great craft blogs and Pinterest boards available to us. There are some amazing eggs out there, but you're probably thinking: How on earth am I supposed to try that with little kids? Well, yes, it can be done! And sometimes it's even easier than the traditional way of dyeing eggs, which is still a beautifully brilliant method. In fact, we've listed some essentials below among a few new festive crafty ideas.

Essential ingredients and materials for Easter egg crafts:

• Hardboiled or blown-out eggs

• Paper towels, plates, newspaper, etc. to use for your dyeing station

• Liquid food color

• Bowls for dye bath

• White vinegar

• White wax crayons

• Any painting or craft tools you have around the house—paint brushes (all sizes), sponges, etc.

Brush up on egg dyeing basics with Real Simple's Easter egg dye recipe and instructions.

Tip: Don't forget about Sharpies and oil-based paints and pens—anything is possible with a white, hardboiled egg as your canvas.

Eight Egg-cellent Easter Egg Decorating Ideas:

Glitter Easter Egg Idea from Put Me In The Story

1. Glamour Eggs. Cover the egg in glue and roll it around in glitter until completely covered. Warning: this one could get messy. Maybe even try dyeing first and then maybe rolling in light glitter, or sprinkling some on top.

2. Outside-of-the-Easter-Egg Eggs. Print out pictures of other animal eggs (fish, insects, different birds—try them all!) and decorate them accordingly. And don't forget to include dinosaur eggs.

3. Ribbon-Wrapped Eggs. Should it be Pick out your favorite ribbon—lace, tulle, etc.—and use craft tape or glue to design beautiful and unique eggs. No dye necessary for this one.

4. Abstract Eggs. Think watercolor or bright marble using vinegar-based dyes. Try using little cotton pads as an application tool. You and your children can use a dropper to drop different colors on the little pad and apply to the egg. Tip: Dip the egg in a light layer of vinegar before you start dabbing the colored pad on the egg.

Abstract Easter Egg Idea from Put Me In The Story

5. Chalkboard Eggs. Anything to remind the kiddos of school, right? (This is actually a pretty unique idea!) Use chalkboard paint (or just black paint with white crayon) and use a traditional piece of chalk to decorate. We saw this idea over at Oleander and Palm and had to share it with you!

6. Thumbprint Eggs. Add a thumbprint or fingerprint to an egg. Your kids will love this one…like finger-painting all over again.

7. ABC Easter Eggs for Easter Egg Scramble. You can either draw the letter in white wax crayon or use letter/number stickers. Place the sticker on the egg before you drop it in the dye and then peel off the sticker once the egg is dry. Be sure to decorate eggs with all letters of the alphabet (double up on the important ones) and make up a little spelling scramble game with your kids.

ABC Easter Egg Idea from Put Me In The Story

8. Half-dipped Eggs. You might know this one already, but dip each half of the egg in different colors! Maybe even try dipping the whole egg in one vinegar-based dye, wait for it to dry, and then painting the top tip of the egg silver, gold, or something shiny.

When all done decorating, maybe place a collection in a beautiful box, basket, or decorate the egg carton and drop off the bright and springy Easter egg collection at a friend or neighbor's house.

A Few Non-Traditional Easter Egg-Hiding Ideas to Try:

• Fill your Easter eggs with things other than candy. Little notes or gift cards to pick out a book, or to go to their favorite ice cream shop for a cone once the weather gets warmer, etc.

• If you're looking to save some time and especially if your kids are a bit older, hide fewer eggs but in more challenging spots. Think quality rather than quantity! Hide only a few eggs (6-10) in really difficult places—inside the washing machine, or up top near that random knickknack.

• Don't just hide the eggs, hide the baskets! If you have multiple children, use different colored plastic eggs for each child. This eliminates fighting over who got what in whichever egg!

• Put together a "Buried" Easter Egg Hunt Map—draw out special locations and write out clues with crayons. This works especially great if you're having your hunt outdoors!

Happy Easter from Put Me In The Story!

Happy Easter from Put Me In The Story!