Show Great Girls How to Become Amazing Women

March 7, 2017
Show Great Girls How to Become Amazing Women
This month is Women's History Month, a time to honor all women in the world and the pursuit for all people – no matter their gender, age, religion, or circumstance – to be able to achieve their biggest, most ambitious dreams.

One way we get there is by raising smart, curious, and inquisitive girls. Encourage and teach them to ask the hard questions & realize that they are an active part of the change that needs to happen. Let them know they are worthy and loved and full of great potential. And what better way that with books that show them all the amazing things they can be and dream?

Put Me In The Story is the brainchild of a big dreamer, our CEO and Publisher Dominique Raccah. Though Put Me In The Story and Sourcebooks, Inc. (our parent company and the 10th largest U.S. publisher in 2016 and the largest woman-owned publisher in the U.S.) have grown a lot in the last 4 years and 30 years, respectively, the concept of this company began with one woman's dream.

Just like you, we believe that books change lives. Honoring and spreading this belief has been Dominique's mission for the last 30 years and the mission of the whole team at Sourcebooks and Put Me In The Story, from our employees to our authors and beyond.

Together we've built a community that supports this mission. We asked people here what they wish for their daughters and young women everywhere and we were blown away by the messages we received. Here's a sampling of the amazing responses to our question:

What do you wish for young girls everywhere?

"I wish for my daughter to be a big voice in a room, even when completely silent. I wish for my daughter to peer over the walls that divide people and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I wish for my daughter to know that stasis is a choice, and to instead choose continual evolution. And mostly I wish for my daughter to be in charge of her own d**n self." —Todd

"I wish that they will understand that they have the potential to do anything they put their mind to. We are as smart, as strong, and as willful as any man, and each woman deserves the right to show that off however she chooses." —Rachel

"My hope is that all young women feel empowered to boldly go where no woman has gone before! To wear what they want, say what they want, do what they want, and be whoever they want to be." —Stephanie

"For my daughter, I wish for a world of opportunities that know no limits around the areas she loves. I'd like there to be no societal bias around what's normal and for her to DREAM BIG to follow anything she is passionate about in life." —Mike

"I wish for young women everywhere to know that they are EQUAL and VALUED. I wish for them to stand up for themselves, others, and for doing what is RIGHT. I want them to know that their relationships with others do not define them, and that they can do whatever they set their minds to doing." —Amy

"I wish for young women everywhere to have freedom and control over their minds, bodies, and spirits and to dream as big as they can." —Sara

"A safe clean planet on which to raise our kids, build creative purposeful lives, live in harmony and self-expression, and never have to wear panty hose, ever." —Deb

"It is my hope that young women will be free to follow their passions. No longer is something "just for boys" or "just for girls". Young women should be free to pursue whatever they wish whether it be sports, politics, business or something they create on their own." —Shane

"I want my daughters and all young women to know their worth in this world; that they don't have to sacrifice a career for a family…or vice versa. With a little confidence and bravery, truly anything is possible. And never forget that your success is not measured by any standard other than your own happiness." —Jenna

"My wish for my daughter is that she lives boldly and with conviction; that she not shrink any part of herself for the easement of others. I hope she grows up in a world where the idea that a lady ought to be demure and reserved… is unheard of. I want her to know, not just in her head, but also in her heart and soul that there is truly only one criteria for womanhood—to identify that way. We named her Aria; to remind her that she should find great use for her voice in this world and that in doing so, she should not be afraid to be LOUD." —Chrystal

"I wish for my daughter, and young women everywhere, to be kind to others and especially ourselves when it comes to body image. Young girls are constantly being hit with what it means to have the perfect body, and too often that message comes directly from their mothers or other women in their life. My hope is that the mothers of my generation can stop perpetuating body dissatisfaction and change the conversation with messages of love and acceptance, so that our daughters can grow up in a world where there is no idealized body image." —Heather

"I wish for equality to become so ingrained that there is no need for A Day Without Women." —Liz

"My 9-year-old daughter is a strong and intelligent young woman. What I wish for her is to lead a long, healthy, fun, happy and fulfilling life. I raise her not to expect opportunity to come to her but for her to create her own opportunities and to knock down any doors that stand in her way. I hope she can one day use her success to offer opportunities to those less fortunate." —Michael

"A future in which women are not afraid of their own success—and have no fear in occupying the space they rightly deserve and belong." —Jillian

Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Sourcebooks and Put Me In The Story!

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