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Why We Love Dad + Free Downloadable Father's Day Card

Why We Love Dad + Free Downloadable Father's Day Card
May 23, 2017 2192 Views

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Father's Day is the perfect time to tell Dad how much he means to you. For some kids, you'll be surprised by the answers that they give!

Download our free Father's Day card and fill it out with your child to give to dad this Father's Day! We've left a space in the card for you to fill out your child's response to the question: what do you love about Daddy?

We asked some of our friend's on Facebook "What does your child love about Daddy?"

These are some of our favorite responses:


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"My six year old says what she loves most about daddy is that he is Goofy with her. My husband and my daughter will spend hours just giggling and making jokes. He's a wonderful father." — Meghan K.

"My 7 years old says she loves the most about her daddy is "his big hands" and "how tall he is" lol she wants to be as tall as him!! He's 6"6!! My 2 1/2 year old said 'Um no... No I don't'" — Stephanie D.

"My 9 month old loves when her daddy get home from and plays with her. She also love to blow raspberries with him and give her pretty eyes and smiles at her so cute." — Erin L.

"He's loving, caring & oh so sweet!!!" — Melissa C.

"My infant son loves seeing daddy coming through the door from work. Had such a big smile and goofy laugh and immediately wants up-up." — Jennifer J.

"My daughter said because my daddy is fat and makes a good pillow. Never laughed so hard. But then said she was kidding and she loves all the hugs and kisses." — Jenn F.

"After asking my daughter who is 3, multiple times, what her favorite thing about daddy is... she said "He wuvs me" *heart melts* how cute is that??? She has a daddy who works so hard all night long, yet still comes home and takes her to the park for hours. He doesn't mind carrying her around on his shoulders, or carrying her baby doll when she's tired. He's kind, and is careful to not break a promise to her. He adores her and she adores him. Beautiful to see!" — Tara S.

"5 year old son: I love most about my daddy is that he's so silly and even after work he still plays video games with me. I love we have the same haircut." — Natalie P.

"My girls love their dad because he will do anything for them." — Katrina W.

"My kids love that their daddy is just as big of a kid as they are!!" — Megan A.

"My 6 year old says because he plays baseball with me and he lets me beat him up (lol) and I love him because he loves me." — Nicole H.

"I asked my 2-year-old what she loves most about her daddy. Her response: He's my baby…" — Megan T.

"My 4-year-old says he loves that Daddy plays ball with him." — Nicole J.

"That he is fun! He loves to play games and wrestle, he especially loves tickle fights." — Lisa J.

"My youngest says he loves when his daddy takes him to work with him and they get to drive in the tractors." — Heather H.

"'Daddy builds the best Legos.' I guess my skills don't make the cut." — Tabbitha B.

"'My 7-year-old says 'that he makes me the best tacos,' my 5-year-old said, 'because we go on hikes,' and my 2-year-old said 'because he buys presents.' Lol, my kids are too funny!" — Stephanie A.

"My son loves that his father is a firefighter and gets to drive cool trucks!" — Nicole M.

"He loves that his daddy is always there to read with him every day!" — Angela K.

"I asked my 3-year-old daughter what she loves most about her daddy and she said she loves that he gives her chocolate when I am not looking!" — Kasey L.

"My son says that he is Batman! Haha, him and dad love Batman!" — Morgan B.

"His Mac and Cheese and how much he loves me!" — Nancy W.

"He works to get us money to buy me things. Matthew, 5-year-old." — Amber S.