What Customers are Saying About Our Personalized Books

“We have quite a few personalized books, but I have never seen such great books before. I love that these aren't just made up stories with my child's name in them and instead are books that are bestsellers, award winners, and/or classic books.—Rachel

“Received my book today, thank you so much! My daughter loves it!!Brittany

“We’ve been so pleased with the Put Me In The Story books that we recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect children’s gift. The personalized books are a true keepsake that will be treasured in years to come and I can’t wait to surprise Kora & Logan’s cousins with books of their own one day!”Tesa

“I was impressed with the gorgeous hardcover I received. And the personalization, which was a piece of cake to do on the site, took it up a notch above awesomeness. The neatest thing about this book is that it’s flip-sided so you can start reading the story at either side, from either the perspective of the child or that of the mother. This will make one little girl feel very special, when I give her the book in a few weeks.”—Megan

“Cute stories for reading to my kids at bedtime. It is excellent for kids who like to read.”—Davidmtr

My children loved these personalized books, seeing them come to life here is amazing! Thanks Put Me In The Story for making these available.”—DeeLee3659

“The book came today, earlier than I thought and it is perfect!! Thank you so much.”—Annick

It will definitely be a wonderful gift. The picture looks great. Thank you so much for the help.”—Erica

“We did receive the book and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!”—Melanie

I loved being able to add her picture to the dedication page giving the book an even more personal touch. Kinsley and I have sworn to be best friends forever so when she saw this page, she was awed because not only did the book have her name in it but also one of our favorite things to say to each other, ‘You are my best friend.’ Kinsley loves reading this book over and over. It feels personal to her, like I am not just reading a book but saying each word to her specifically. The book was so easy to customize and shipping was much faster than I expected. It was a huge hit with my baby girl!”—Melanie

“My Valentine’s Day gift for Ava this year is as special as her: a personalized book from Put Me In The Story about how much I love her. If I could put my love into words, these would be it.”—Megan

“Thank you so much! My son will love it!!”—Mellissa


What Customers are Saying About Our Personalized Children’s Book App

We’re using this app pretty much every night! The kids love the books (Kristi Yamaguchi!) and they’re actually kids’ books I like reading again and again too. Intuitive, easy interface for putting kids in the story.”—Samcallahan

My daughter and I have had so much fun with this app already. She loves Dream Big, Little Pig! and it was so much fun for her to be in the story. We read The Night Night Book every night. What a great idea!”—Suegen1776

Excellent app for young kids and/or preschoolers! It’s great when they get to learn, have fun and get involved in smart apps like this! Thanks for coming up with it!”—DonDragonWil

It’s great for kids! Simple and lovely!”—Muneca_D

My kids love it. Many beautiful photos, clear instructions, easy to understand…very exciting. Thanks for the great app!”—Kikio_lilio

“I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect Christmas gift for my nieces and nephews this year and luckily I read the New York Times. I downloaded the app and made a book. Super cute graphics, impressive new technology that both kids and parents will love, and a great and growing selection of books to choose from. The app is free and you get one book free too. I’m looking forward to another holiday as the “cool” aunt. Thank you Put Me In The Story!”—Coolauntm

The best part of the app, in my opinion, is the Read to Me part. My nephew loves it so much. The graphics look polished and the app is very intuitive to use. And it’s free.”—miha.sava

“Such a fantastic kids app. My daughter loves listening to these, always helps to make her happy.”—Cressclocker

Very cute and fun to read to children.”—Vvlover


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