Can You Catch the Tooth Fairy? Personalized Book
Can You Catch the Tooth Fairy? Personalized Book

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Losing a tooth is an exciting event on its own, but how YOUR child will catch the tooth fairy—that’s the most thrilling part of all! Follow along as the Tooth Fairy shares how she escapes other children’s traps, then challenges your little one to catch her. With your child’s name (and the names of two friends) woven into the illustrations, this story is sure to spark your kiddo's imagination. Plus, on the final pages, your child will discover a blank TOP SECRET blueprint for sketching a trap. Will they be the first kid to catch the Tooth Fairy?

Product Details

  • Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
  • Age Range: 4 to 7


  • Name on cover and throughout book 
  • Photo appears on page 2 
  • Dedication message on page 3 
  • Two friends / family members are part of story

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