6 Reasons Why Kids Love Our Personalized Books

We love to hear from our readers! And we particularly love to hear how moms (and grandmas, aunts, friends, teachers, librarians and many more) are using Put Me In The Story to connect with kids and books. Here’s what we’ve been hearing recently:

1. Children want to read their personalized books over
and over again.

2. These are the best books, personalized for your child. Kids
love seeing their favorite characters in these books! Children build
stronger connections with stories that feature familiar and
lovable characters (and themselves!).

3. Moms tell us that these books make kids feel special (yes,
that’s awesome!). When you add your child’s name, photo,
and a personal message, children connect to the book in
brand new ways.

4. Put Me In The Story helps parents create gifts for their children that will make a difference. Your family will want to read these books for years and treasure them forever.

Why Kids Love Personalized Books

5. You create our personalized books just for YOUR
child—no one else will ever have a book like it.

6. Kids are delighted and surprised when their photo suddenly
appears in one of our personalized books! Sometimes
a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Why Kids Love Put Me In The Story Personalized Books

We believe books can change lives, and connecting kids to books they love is our mission. We believe Put Me In The Story is a great way to start kids on a lifelong love of reading. Let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you. How are you using our books? Any suggestions? Just contact us!

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