Introducing Find Me If You Can

A New Kind of Personalized Book

“On Every Page Inside This Book, Your Face is Hidden. Take a Look!”



Liz Kelsch, Publicity Manager


CHICAGO – October 18, 2013Find Me If You Can, an interactive picture book designed to boost children’s observational skills in a fun, search-and-find setting, is the newest offering on Put Me In The Story, the innovative, personalized children’s book app and website.

Find Me If You Can is a fresh take on the Where’s Waldo? and I Spy experience that allows parents to add a photo of their child, or children, to every page. Find Me If You Can asks children to search for their face amid a maze of other smiling faces in a new location on each page, set against quirky backgrounds such as floating balloons and outer space.
Parents can add photos of up to three children on each of the 15 spreads featured in Find Me If You Can ($24.99 U.S.; Hardcover; 8.5”x11”; Ages 2–10). Boys and girls alike will enjoy the different vibrant backgrounds and fun rhymes on every page.
Creators Tom and Sue Marzella say the unique concept improves concentration and focus, encourages children to read, and gives parents and children an opportunity to bond.
“It’s a keepsake,” says Tom Marzella. “It’s something that a family can keep for a long, long time. When you give this book to a kid, their face just lights up. And when they realize their face is on every page, they’re just glued to it. They love seeing their face in a book.”
Aside from providing children with educational skills and boosting their self-esteem, Find Me If You Can creates an experience for parents and children to grow together in a positive and innovative way.
“Find Me If You Can is a whole different kind of personalization, giving families a keepsake that inspires a love of reading and lasting memories,” says Dominique Raccah, CEO and publisher of Sourcebooks. “This playful treasure hunt engages children to explore each page, and gives parents and children a chance to create a special bond.”
Put Me In The Story takes nationally bestselling children’s books by celebrated and award-winning authors, and integrates personalization—creating customized books that make the child the star of treasured children’s stories. Sourcebooks has previously announced the addition of The Berenstain Bears and Sesame Workshop books to the Put Me In The Story platform.



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