Don’t Push the Button!

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Published: January 2016
Published: September 2016
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There’s only one rule in Larry’s book–don’t push the button.

(Seriously, don’t even think about it!)

Even if it does look kinda nice, you must never press the button.

Who knows what would happen?

Okay, quick. No one is looking... press the button.

Uh, oh.


Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner! Larry is a lovable monster, if a bit too curious for his own good. And now, you can join in on his fun adventure! In the personalized version of this interactive story, your child will discover all the surprises around that big red button. Read, play, and laugh along while your little one investigates just how BIG one little push can be!

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  • Hardcover & Paperback
  • Age Range: 3 to 6
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