Show You're Glad for Dad with DIY Gifts on Father's Day

May 28, 2021
Show You're So Glad for Dad with DIY Gifts on Father's Day

Dads and father figures show up to help, hug, teach, and play each and every day, so spending a little extra time and adding personal flair to their gift is a perfect way to show just how much you think of them! 

We’ve gathered our top DIY gifting ideas for dads of every kind – from the green thumb to the grill guy 



Dads go up, up, and way beyond when it comes to lending a hand. “Thank you” coupons are a great DIY gift because they can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them. 

Write a list of kind gestures you can do for dad or treats he’d treasure – give dad a “one week pass from taking out the trash” or “one special dinner dish of your choice. Fill sheets of paper, notecards, or other coupon material you’ve chosen. Make them colorful, shaped, or themed. Just make sure to infuse each of them with lots of love!  



Dads don’t just love tech gadgets and sports equipment; food is a love language for everyone and having the right tools in the kitchen is just as important! Whether they’re the Grill Guru at every family BBQ or King Cake Decorator for birthday bashes, there are several kitchen utensils and accessories you could decorate or personalize for the perfect present.



Whether you’re gathered around for movie night or working hard in the yard with dad, there’s always time for a snack to be had. Creating a snack pack present is perfect as a last-minute treat or extravagantly planned basket with tons to eat. 

Find an empty cookie tin to decorate, fold boxes from sturdy paper, or find some other portable container to hold dad's favorite finger food. Dump handfuls of candy, arrange popcorn by flavor, or bake cookies to stack. Whatever thoughtful bundle you make, dad will be ready for their next snack attack! 



Getting outdoors to spend fun in the sun with dad never gets old! If spending time together in the garden tending vegetables or flowers is how dad likes to pass the hours then gifting them something special for their outdoor space may be just right. 

Like kitchen utensils, consider all the things that dad uses in his green domain and find little ways to personalize them. Or offer a decorated rock or planter to spruce up his space! 



Though not quite DIY, we always try to suggest books as the best gifts to give for any occasion – and personalization is perfect for this touching holiday! Create a keepsake for kids and dads to share for many storytimes to come with these sweet Put Me In The Story titles.

My Dad Loves Me 

 This heartwarming story celebrates the many ways that dads show their children they and care for them. Featuring adorable illustrations by Marianne Richmond, My Dad Loves Me reminds little ones that dads are there to protect, teach, and play each and every day! 

Between Dad & Me Journal 

Record memories, swap stories, compare perspectives, and more in this rule-free, creative way to connect. Packed with interactive lists and prompts, this personalized keepsake journal invites grown-ups and kids to reflect, write, doodle, and grow closer with every page. 

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad 

Give dad the gift of a personalized journey through memories of love with this New York Times bestselling photo book. Each page can be customized with special photos and sentiments. Show dad the irreplaceable role they played and all the sweet memories they made. 

Even if the crafts go awry, at least you can say you gave it a try and put extra time into showing you care. As long as you’re there by their side or behind the screen, spending quality time expressing how much they mean...Father’s Day couldn’t be any sweeter! 


Have a joyous Father’s Day, 
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