Beat Writer's Block with Simple, Heartfelt Dedication Messages

November 18, 2021
Beat Writer's Block with Simple, Heartfelt Dedication Messages

One of the many reasons that personalized storybooks appeal to us at Put Me In The Story, is the thoughtfulness of going above and beyond to make a gift meaningful – and that starts with the dedication of your gift!

Nowadays, many things can be personalized (personalized coloring downloads, anyone?). Depending on what your gift is, there might not be much space to fill with all your joyful and heartfelt wishes. Here are tips for writing a meaningful dedication to kids and suggestions for when a tight wordcount has you stumped.




This seems like an obvious tip, but make sure to infuse your own special love language into the message! Do you laugh nonstop with your granddaughter? Is coloring the highlight of your time together? Does the way your nephew calls you a nickname just warm your heart? Put those details into the dedication.


1. Making sweet treats and warm memories in the kitchen with you is my favorite. (77 characters)

2. Your laughter lights up my life! (32 characters)




If you don’t have the space to highlight the unique charms of your own relationship, choose to leave a message of encouragement. A message that let’s them know you’re always there to support them is evergreen and always brightens someone’s day to hear.


1. Your hard work and passion inspire me - always reach for the stars! (67 characters)

2. Believe in your own strength. (30 characters)




When in doubt, a simple declaration of love is the greatest message of all! A simple "I love you" is classic, but adding a little flair makes it that much more special. 


1. You're always in my heart. (27 characters) 

2. I love you more each day. (25 characters)



Keeping these tips in mind, here are a few more short examples to get around pesky character count restraints while still offering a message filled with love for your personlized gift.


1. Happy birthday wishes to my bookworm - may all your dreams come true! (69 characters)

2. Cuddlebug, we can't wait to read this bedtime story together. (60 characters)

3. May your holiday be merry and bright - just like your smile! (60 characters)

4. I hope we can enjoy this book together for years to come. (57 characters)

5. Watching you grow is one of my favorite adventures. (51 characters)

6. Spending time reading with you brightens my day. (48 characters)

7. I cherish the memories we've made together. (43 characters)

8. I'm proud of everything you do. (31 characters) 

9. Always thinking of you. (23 characters)

10. Listen to your heart. (21 characters)


We hope these super short suggestions will help you beat your wordcount induced writer's block and add an extra touch of love to your personalized present!


Happy Holidays,

Your friends at Put Me In The Story

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