Absolutely Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas

October 30, 2015

See how one little baby is celebrating Halloween in a big way.

What if every day was Halloween? For one lucky little boy in Chicago, it is! Henry Corner Miller and his family are celebrating the return of the Halloween season with a new Halloween costume for every day of October. Thanks to his parents and their ingenious Halloween costume ideas, baby Henry and his wickedly cute Halloween costumes have become a big hit on Instagram. From a cute Clark Kent to a precious little pineapple, baby Henry is giving super sweet Halloween costume ideas for kids everywhere.

Just when we thought our readers couldn't get any more lovable, the Corner Miller family decided to snap a picture of baby Henry reading his favorite Put Me In The Story books. That's one way to personalize! See the special photo below then check out baby Henry's latest Halloween costumes by visiting his mom's Instagram page.

Be prepared for overwhelming cuteness!

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