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Reading is a Gift

Reading is a Gift

This holiday season is the perfect time to remind your child that reading is fundamental (and also really fun). If you're looking for ways to show your little one that reading can be remarkable, use these 5 simple gifting tips to introduce your child to their new favorite book.

1. Make a neat nook

Who doesn't love to snuggle up and read? Surprise your child with a new story time space by stacking a couple of comfy pillows in a corner. Build a place especially for reading to your little one or the perfect hideout that encourages your big kid to read aloud. Creating a designated space for reading will make your kiddo feel super special and excited to explore a good story.

2. Wrap it wonderfully

Use inspiration from the characters or the theme of the book to come up with creative ways to wrap your book as a gift. If you're gifting a superhero surprise, you can tie red fabric around the book to create a mini cape. If you're gifting a princess present, wrap a little bit of tulle around the book to create a tutu or dress for your charming book. You can even wrap your little one's book in a light blanket to create the perfect storytime set.

3. Arrange a letter hunt

Use colorful alphabet magnets or wooden alphabet blocks to spell out your child's name. For little ones, create a letter trail that they can follow and make sure to place the last letter on top of their new book. For big kids, scatter the letters around the house, when they retrieve each letter of their name and return them in the correct order, you can give them their surprise!

4. Write a dedication from Santa

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching and kids everywhere are trying their best to wait patiently for gifts from the big man himself. Add a little Christmas cheer to your book by writing a jolly dedication message from Santa in your Put Me In The Story personalized book. Your child will be amazed by the gift and delighted with the story.

5. Surprise!

If your busy bee just can't sit still, place their book in an unexpected place then wait for them to discover a wonderful surprise. If your little one has a favorite stuffed animal, place the book in their soft and cuddly hands or place a book with a bow inside of your big kid's backpack. These special touches will give books a special place in your child's heart.

Try our simple gift-giving ideas to encourage your child to interact with books in a special way. Remember, it's okay to think outside of the box to get your little reader to tune in to their new personalized book. Happy gifting!

December 9, 2015
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