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Staff Picks: Best Back to School Books from Sourcebooks Kids

Staff Picks: Best Back to School Books from Sourcebooks Kids
August 7, 2019 835 Views
Unicorn Day

Molly's Pick: Unicorn Day

This book has everything—unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, and (underneath all the glitter) a sweet message. Unicorn Day is about accepting people who are different from us and making sure everyone feels included. It's a great story for kids who are about to meet new classmates and make new friends!

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In the personalized edition of this story, your little one our little one joins the celebration as a pink-maned unicorn wearing a name badge. Add their name and photo to create an extra special keepsake for the first day of school. Shop now >>
Be Brave Little One

Tom's Pick: Be Brave Little One

Super sweet book with a great message! I gave Be Brave Little One to my daughter before she started preschool. We loved reading it before bedtime and talking about how school was going to be a chance for her to grow and explore with new friends. I plan on reading it with her again before she starts kindergarten this fall! My favorite line from the book: "How far will I go? What things can I be? When I get to choose what brave is to me."

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Personalize this book with your child's name and photo and let them know you believe in them! Shop now >>
Sesame Street: You Can Do It!

Kelsey's Pick: You Can Do It!: A Little Book About the Big Power of Perseverance

Knowing shapes, tying shoes, or riding a bike...these can be hard things to get right. But with a little patience, practice, and help from their friends on Sesame Street, your little learner will discover that they have the power to do anything they set their mind to in the new school year!

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Shark Lady

Katia's Pick: Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist

I love to read this book to my daughter because it is educational and empowering! The illustrations, the way the story is written and the extra facts in the end make this book a must-have for any child!

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P is for Pterodactyl

Dave's Pick: P is for Pterodactyl: The WORST Alphabet Book Ever

Reading P is for Pterodactyl always makes me laugh trying to read the examples. I get so tongue tied over simple everyday words. I love trying to come up with other funny sentences with weird pronunciations.

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