Calling All Heroes! Awesome Super Hero Party Ideas

April 10, 2018
Calling All Heroes! Awesome Super Hero Party Ideas

Throw an epic DIY super hero bash using your party-planning powers! With these quick and easy ideas for decorations, treats, and activities, you can host an event that would make any hero proud.


Word Bubble Posters

via Meaningful Mama

These free printables will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into their very own comic book!

Chair Capes

With a piece of plastic tablecloth and a printed emblem, you can drape chairs with super hero capes. You can also turn this craft into an activity; just ask kids to draw and color their own super symbols to stick on their chairs.

City Blocks

Bust out those gift wrapping skills to create stackable skyscrapers. All you need is black wrapping paper and yellow sticky notes.


Batman Cheese and Crackers

via Sunflower Storytime

With a bat cookie cutter, you can make a simple, yummy snack that will give your little hero the energy to save the day!

Incredible Hulk Pudding Cups

via Birthday Express

A dash of green food dye and some crumbled chocolate cookies turns an ordinary pudding cup into a mean, green snack machine!

Captain America's Shield

via Catch My Party

Use strawberries, grapes, and blueberries to put together an edible version of that red, white, and blue shield. For a lower-sugar alternative, try Swiss cheese cubes instead of marshmallows.


Thor’s Hammer Throw

via Simple & Seasonal

With a stack of plastic cups and a toy Mjolnir, every kid can feel like the God of Thunder!

Super Hero Bracelets

No matter who your favorite hero is, you can show your pride with one of these DIY bracelets.

Photo Booth

Pin up a plain tablecloth and gather props to create an instant photo booth. For even more fun, help kids play dress-up with Felt Super Hero Masks via Cutesy Crafts, or set up a space that will make it look like they’re flying!


Marvel's The Avengers: (Your Child) Saves the Day Super Birthday Blue Cape & Cuff Set Meet the Justice League

Marvel’s The Avengers: (Your Child) Saves the Day – When The Avengers need help, they know who to call: your child! Your little super hero joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in this exciting personalized adventure from Marvel.

Super Birthday Blue Cape & Cuff Set – This snap-on cape and lightning cuff set will make your hero-in-training feel like they can do anything!

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