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Introducing Find Me If You Can: A Different Kind of Personalized Book

Introducing Find Me If You Can

Put Me In The Story is pleased to introduce Find Me If You Can, an interactive picture book to engage children with reading in a fun, search-and-find setting. This is the first title available at Put Me In The Story that allows parents to include up to three children in one personalized book. (How exciting!)

A refreshing and original spin off the popular Where's Waldo? and I-Spy, Find Me If You Can offers the search-and-find experience, but in a unique personalized form. Children are asked to find their photo amid a sea of smiling faces floating against several bright, colorful backgrounds. With each page turn, a new, vibrant theme appears.

Creators Tom and Sue Marzella say that the unique concept improves concentration and focus while also encouraging children to read.

"It's a keepsake," says Tom Marzella. "It's something that a family can keep for a long, long time. When you give this book to a kid, their face just lights up. And when they realize their face is on every page, they're just glued to it. They love seeing their face in a book."

"Find Me If You Can is a different kind of personalization," says Dominique Raccah, CEO and publisher of Sourcebooks. "This playful treasure hunt engages children to explore each page, and gives parents and children a chance to create a love of reading and a special bond."

Find Me If You Can is a gift; a book that really showers your children with attention and reminds them how special they are. We're excited to share it with you!

October 18, 2013
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