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3 Ways To Talk About Kindness With Your Kids

3 Ways To Talk About Kindness With Your Kids

Nov 5, 2016 3:41:33 AM

A recent survey of 2,000 parents and 500 teachers by Sesame Workshop, the educational nonprofit behind Sesame Street, found that both parents and teachers are worried that today's kids are living in a world that comes up short on kindness.

Both groups say that learning to be kind is more important that getting good grades – and we at Put Me In The Story agree!

Being kind to others is about more than just manners. Yes, having manners is always a good thing, but if you teach your kids to be kind – to have empathy and to be helpful and thoughtful – manners will likely come along with that.

There are some great tactics on how to teach your kids kindness, but one of our favorites is (no surprise here) with a good book!

3 Books to Teach Your Kids Empathy & Kindness:

Sesame Street: Let's Make A Friend

1. Sesame Street: Let's Make A Friend

Elmo is a contestant on the game show "Let's Make A Friend" and has to answer various questions on what he would do to make a friend. The always sweet and kind Elmo gives answers like "When Elmo feels shy, Elmo likes it if someone asks what kinds of things Elmo likes to do," giving kids insight on how to make others feel welcome and think about their needs.

Not only is this book cute and lots of fun as your little one is addressed by various Sesame Street characters, it's a great way to start a conversation with your child about how to be inclusive, how to be respectful to others, and how to make new friends!

Love Is All Around The World

2. Love Is All Around the World

In this book, your child will learn that a kind word or gesture can make a big difference in the world around them. This book starts off by asking your child what we can do and where we can look to see love in the world.

Through the story you travel far and wide seeing love in big and small ways, like when someone sees a friend feeling down, "she sits down beside him and listens and shares, making sure that he knows there's someone who cares."

You and your child will see love travel through the world and see that all it takes is a kind word, a small gesture, thinking of others to being the chain of love.

Best Friends: Hello Kitty & Me

3. Best Friends: Hello Kitty & Me

Hello Kitty loves her friends, especially your little one! In this personalized book, Hello Kitty shows examples of what best friends do together and what they do for each other. "Friends always cheer each other on… Friends take turns going up and down…

This book is a great way to start a conversation with your kids about what they do with their friends. How can they be a good friend? How do they want others to treat them? How would they feel if their friend didn't treat this way? How can they include others in their fun?

Read more about Sesame Workshops' study here: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/10/17/497827991/a-sesame-study-in-kindness

November 5, 2016
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