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5 Best Cuddle-Up Books For National Hug Day!

5 Best Cuddle-Up Books For National Hug Day!

5 Best Cuddle-Up Books For National Hug Day!

In honor of National Hug Day, we're assembling our very best books to share a cuddle and a story with your child! Don't miss our conversation questions & prompts to share with your child for a nice conversation about love and affection for this snuggly holiday.

1) I Love You So… / I Love You So Much

These books are the perfect way to how your child that no matter what happens, you will always love them. Show them what I love you really means with this book and a warm hug!

I Love You SoI Love You So Much

2) Love Is All Around The World

Teach your child that no matter where they go, love surrounds them just like the arms of a hug. Whether they're in the classroom, on the playground, or at home this book will help them see the love that is always around them.

Love is All Around

3) My Mom Loves Me / My Dad Loves Me

Act along with the animal pairs on each page for a fun way to show the many ways that you show your love for your child!

My Mom Loves MeMy Dad Loves Me

4) I Love You More

A New York Times bestseller and customer favorite, this flip book tells the story of your love from the perspective of both parent and child!

I Love You More

5) I Ruff You

Sweet rhymes describing the heartfelt relationship between parent & child makes this book so special to read together!

I Ruff You

National Hug Day post-reading discussion:

  • When a friend or family member is sad, what can you do to help them?
  • What makes hugs so great?
  • Tell me about a time that getting a hug made you feel better.
  • If your hug could talk, what would it say?

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January 20, 2017
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