​Best Book For Raising Confident Girls: My Name Is Not Isabella

February 15, 2019
​Best Book For Raising Confident Girls: My Name Is Not Isabella

My mom has always been my hero, and I thank her every day for fostering my passion for strong female characters. Ever since I was little, she encouraged me to read about women who were geniuses and adventurers and superheroes, and they all inspired me to be fearless and kind.

It wasn’t until I started going to school that I learned about the real-life women who became history’s heroes. There were so many children’s books about men who have shaped the world, but where were all the books about women? I wish I could go back in time and give myself My Name is Not Isabella, so I could cuddle up with my mom and read this inspirational book over and over again.

What’s the book about?

In this New York Times bestselling children’s book, your child steps into the shoes of six outstanding women who have changed history. She gets to become an astronaut, an activist, a scientist, a mother, and so much more—teaching her that she can be anything and everything she wants to be. This book will teach your little girl to take pride in her intelligence, bravery, kindness, and capacity to love.

What makes this book special?

Put Me In The Story personalizes this story specifically for a brave little girl in your life. By replacing the name “Isabella” with your child’s name throughout the book, we remind her that she is just as amazing as the women who have changed history. The beginning of the book also features a photo of your choice and a personalized dedication message, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake that she can treasure forever.

Favorite quote:

“It’s me, Isabella, the sweetest, kindest, smartest, bravest, fastest, toughest, greatest girl that ever was,” said the little girl as she fell asleep and dreamed about who she would be... tomorrow.

Perfect for:

This is such a heartwarming present. It steals the show at birthdays, holiday parties, and baby showers, and it makes the perfect “just because” gift that your little one will never want to part with. Best of all, her appreciation for this personalized book will grow as she grows, making it more timeless and meaningful as the years go on.

About the author:

Jennifer Fosberry is a science geek turned children’s book writer. Until recently, she worked as a project manager in the high-tech electronic field. Now, she spends most of her time in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Costa Rica with her husband and three children. Her books aim to inspire children to explore all the possibilities life holds for them, and she reminds them that they are capable of anything.

Customers share their favorite Jennifer Fosberry books

My Name Is Not Isabella

"My granddaughter loves this book and I know that as she grows older she will continue to love it for new reasons. It makes everyone see their potential and future have no limits. It also shows that no matter what road you choose, everyone is important." (Grandparent)

Isabella: Star of the Story

This book is absolutely adorable. I bought a few for my nieces and they are great. Wonderfully illustrated and written. Perfect for any little girl with an imagination. Using storybook characters makes the book easy to identify with and opens up possibilities and interest and other books. The personalization adds that special touch that makes it something they will keep forever and the quality is great. I love it and I know that my nieces will too.” (Aunt)

Isabella: Girl On The Go

“This story is perfect for the ambitious girl so we chose it for our daughter who is 3 going on 13. We definitely think this story will interest her now, but also grow with her in the future. I love the way that it incorporates her name throughout without sounding cheesy.” (Mom & Teacher)

Isabella: Girl In Charge

“I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE my youngest granddaughter is going to love seeing herself as president. She'll probably start bossing me around.” (Grandparent)

My Name is Not Alexander

“I bought this book for my best friends' son's 1st birthday. We live far away, so the note that we added let him know that we are always here for him and that we love him so very much. He will be able to keep this book throughout childhood, and hopefully it will be something that makes it into his memory box.” (Family Friend)

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