Celebrate Valentine's Day with Free Printable Bookmarks

February 6, 2019
Celebrate Valentine's Day with Free Printable Bookmarks

Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to show family and friends how much we love and appreciate them. No matter how you like to celebrate this holiday, whether it’s with cards, candy, or both, the most important thing is to share the message that’s in your heart.

We made these punny bookmarks to help you spread smiles on February 14th. Hand out the full-color versions, or print and color your own!

Full-Color Bookiemarks

Download full-color bookmarks

Download black-and-white bookmarks

About the designer

Dave joined the Put Me In The Story team in June 2018 and provided an instant boost of energy, creativity, and goofiness. He makes graphics for our newsletters, website, and social media, often juggling three or more projects at once. His most adorable brainchild, our book mascots, are featured in this set of printable Valentine’s Day bookmarks.

In his free time, Dave likes working on his motorcycle, hanging out with his cat, dog, and rats, and studying history. His recommended Put Me In The Story read is Disney’s Moana and Maui Meet You!
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