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End of Summer Bucket List for Kids

End of Summer Bucket List for Kids
August 5, 2019 1632 Views

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still time to check some items off your bucket list! Say farewell to the season with these fun, family-friendly activities.

Take a bike ride

Explore the great outdoors together! Biking is an exciting way to get to know your neighborhood while fostering your child’s love of nature. Of course, it has lots of health benefits as well—biking builds muscle strength, improves balance, and lowers stress. And if you make it a habit, your children are more likely to stick with it as they get older, too!

Have a game night

Cards, board games, trivia, puzzles—pick your favorite and play as a family. Whether it’s a game of Go Fish or a round of charades, playing together is a fun way to bond as a family and create lifelong memories. Bonus: game night creates a low-pressure atmosphere in which kids can practice communication, strategy, teamwork, and fair play—all skills they’ll need for school, and for life!

Go on a picnic

Stock your basket with treats, then take a stroll to the nearest park to enjoy a meal in the sunshine! Ask your children to help put together the menu and prepare food (maybe they can make PB&Js or help pack the basket). After the meal is over, everyone can burn off some energy on the playground.

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Camp in your backyard

Take advantage of the mild weather and pitch a tent or roll out some sleeping bags on the lawn for a night under the stars! You can fit the whole camping experience in your backyard. Build a bonfire, snack on s’mores, and swap stories, then fall asleep under the open sky.

Throw a water party

Invite family, friends, and neighbors to take part in an epic end-of-summer water spree! Here are some ideas for games you can play.

  • Balloon toss – Try tossing a water balloon back and forth to a partner. How many passes can you make before it bursts open?
  • Relay – Set up four containers (two filled with water, two empty) on opposite sides of the play area. Count off into teams and ask everyone to line up behind the filled containers. One person on each team will dunk a sponge into the water, then race to the other bucket to wring it out. The first team to fill their container wins!
  • Limbo – Turn on the hose to create a liquid limbo pole. Gradually lower it closer to the ground and see who can stay the driest.

Take a road trip

Pick a place that your family can enjoy in a day—a state park, a museum, even a roadside attraction or two! Pack snacks, make a playlist for the car, and enjoy the scenery as you travel to and from your destination. After all, it’s less about where you go and more about the memories you make on the way.

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