#MomMeansEverything... So Tell Her!

April 23, 2019
#MomMeansEverything... So Tell Her!

When you hear “Mom,” what comes to mind? A strong woman who helped you become the best version of yourself? The way your heart leapt the first time you held your child? Or maybe your definition of motherhood is complicated, full of strife and challenges.

One thing is certain. “Mom” is so much more than a name.

This Mother’s Day, Put Me In The Story is celebrating that there is no single, cookie-cutter definition of motherhood. Mom means love, dedication, patience, hugs, courage, generosity, togetherness…

Simply put, #MomMeansEverything.

We believe in the power of stories to bring people together. To spread this message of love and togetherness, we invited real, inspiring mothers to tell us their stories and to explain what #MomMeans to them.

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Special thanks to the incredible moms who helped us create this video!

Onyi | @SincerelyOnyi

Onyi dedicates her life to bringing physical and emotional wellness to others. When she isn’t busy healing people as a Physician Assistant, she solo-parents her two beautiful toddlers, proving that a mother’s job is never done. She shares tales of her hard work on her website and on Instagram as a motherhood, lifestyle, and travel blogger, where she helps busy moms balance work, family, stress, and self-care.

Alicia | @TheMomKind

Alicia is a mother of four and a strong advocate for autism awareness. With an approachable and supportive attitude, Alicia addresses stigmas and stereotypes against autism by using her website and Instagram to coach parents on the most effective ways to support autistic children. Because autism is a common condition in her family—affecting herself, her brother, and three of her children—Alicia is a phenomenal role model and credible source who helps families thrive.

Christina and Katie | @BabyBaileyMamaDrama

Christina and Katie are the mothers of two darling little girls, and they are also proud advocates for equality. These brave wives use Instagram and YouTube to remind the world that LGBT+ families are just as complete and loving as any other family. Together, they also run their own business, Bold Look Apparel, a clothing line that creates fun, fashionable ways for two-mom households to wear their love for their families on their sleeves.

Hannah | @HelloHannahCho

Hannah is a stay at home mom who brings creativity and joy to her fans on Instagram and YouTube. Her stories remind the world that being a stay at home mom is hard, pride-worthy work. Between being a homemaker, parenting her eighteen month old, working remote part time, and pursuing her passions for beauty and self-expression, she reminds moms everywhere that it is possible to have it all: motherhood, creativity, and individuality.

Video Transcripts below:

This Mother's Day, Put Me In The Story is celebrating that there is no signle definition of motherhood. We asked five moms what it has been like to create their own definition.

Onyi: Motherhood has had its share of hardships. It has been pretty tough trying to practice medicine while maintaining my blog, and my business, and raising two toddlers in a city where I have no family at all.

Christina: My biggest struggle and being a mom was the IVF process and what it took to create our children since we were not able to do that without the help of science.

Hannah: So far the biggest hardship I faced as a mom is creating my own definition of what it means when the examples I've had are complicated, to say the least.

Hannah: I'm adopted, so I don't know and don't have a relationship with my birth mother, and the relationship with my adoptive mother is strained. So becoming a mom was scary because I have some baggage there.

Alicia: As a mom of three autistic children, I had a really hard time getting all the resources that they needed to thrive.

Katie: I'd say my biggest struggle is balancing life and work, and then also being able to spend quality time with family.

Hannah: I wouldn't say I've totally overcome this hardship yet but it's something I'm figuring out everyday.

Alicia: Not being the best parent that I could be was something that I just couldn't accept as an answer. And, you know, that's a mindset that I learned from my own mom. That’s something that I truly admire in her.

Christina: Something that I hope our kids learn from us is how to be strong women, since they’re being raised by strong women.

Katie: True that.

Christina: And [I hope they learn] that they will be able to take on the problems they face because I know a lot of people do not agree with our family, and I want them to be able to handle those issues when they are confronted with them.

Alicia: What I hope that my children learn from my experiences is that you should never take no for an answer. You know, there truly is always a way, even if that means making a new path for it.

Hannah: I hope my daughter learns that you can change the narrative and overcome the odds. Even if circumstances seem bleak, we have the strength to break cycles and change the outcome.

Onyi: I hope my children learn from me the ability to be resilient, independent, confident, and the drive to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Christina: I believe that being a mom means loving your child unconditionally.

Alicia: Pure love and dedication. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my children, and that means even in the tough times.

Hannah: Mom to me means creating something new. New life, new memories, new meaning.

Onyi: To me mom means the connection to the past, the lessons for the future, and the love that lasts years beyond the hugs and kisses.

Christina: Love is all that matters. That’s all you need in a family.

Katie: True.

#MomMeans… love, memories, dedication, creation, teaching, support, perseverance… #MomMeansEverything.

Share what #MomMeans to you.

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