Story Time Tips For Your Child

October 23, 2015
Story Time Tips For Your Child

Did you know that books hold a special role in raising a bright, happy, healthy child? Of course books are fun to see and share, but storytime can give your growing child the perfect brain boost, too! We know that every child learns and grows differently, so we've created a checklist of story time tips to wow any lucky little kiddo.

Story Time Tips for Your child

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0 to 12 months

When reading to an infant, you should engage with their budding imagination through an attentive and engaging storytime.

  • Make sure the baby can see the book and feel the lovely narrator (you!)
  • Allow your child to touch the book so they can really engage with the object; the best books are covered in tiny fingerprints!
  • Give each character a fun, silly, or sweet voice
  • Encourage your little one to mimic your motions

Ages 1-3

Your child is beginning to understand their individuality and can recognize some objects that surround them. Encourage an explorative storytime.

  • Let your toddler take a spin at turning the pages
  • Be sure to point out different characters in the book
  • Allow your child to identify familiar objects in the story
  • Give your child the opportunity to share what they have learned from the story

Ages 4 -7

Your child is always ready to learn and play (and show off all of their new knowledge). Find fun ways to create an interactive storytime for your busy little one.

  • Ensure your curious kid is comfortable with asking questions
  • Talk about all of the colors in the book
  • Count groups of objects in the story
  • Discuss all of the shapes you and your child encounter

Ages 8 and up

Even if your child can handle storytime alone, encourage them to find books they will love.

  • Find chapter books with awesome characters and super cool settings
  • Discover why your child likes specific books
  • Research other authors your child may enjoy
  • Introduce your child to your own childhood favorites
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