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Girls Can Do Anything! It's Just Not Always An Easy Road

November 8, 2016

Girls Can do anything

It's Election Day!

Men and women have been fighting for years to make sure we all have a voice. Make sure you use yours by getting out today and voting. Make sure your children learn to use their voices.

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Fun Facts to Share with Your Children on Presidents' Day

February 17, 2014


(Artwork from My Name Is Not Alexander by Jennifer Fosberry and Mike Litwin)

Did you know our presidents were great readers? Thomas Jefferson's personal library was one of the largest. It went through many stages, including the loss of many books to a fire in his childhood home. But, when the Library of Congress burned down in 1814, he had the largest collection of books in America. It was to the Library of Congress that he eventually sold his collection.

Share with your children how powerful it is to collect books or take trips to the library, along with the meaning of passing along favorites to family or friends. Visit the library or organize a bookshelf with your little one in honor of Thomas Jefferson.

President Obama is known for being an avid reader. His alleged favorites even include the children's classic Where the Wild Things Are and the Harry Potter books he used to read to his daughters.

Inspire your children by sharing with them the many great things they can do when they embrace their imagination…and spend time with their nose in a book! Read books with fantastical elements in honor of President Obama.

Though we often associate George Washington with a bowl of cherries, have you ever wondered what his favorite food really was way back in the late 18th century? Our very first president was an ice cream lover! It's good to know that ice cream is a dessert that has stood the test of time.

In celebration of this wonderful insight, scoop out a favorite ice cream flavor with your kids and cuddle up with a good book in honor of George Washington—whose birthday is just around the corner on February 23rd.

Can you guess who the first president was to ride in an automobile? It was President Theodore Roosevelt, who was also the first to travel out of the country (to Panama) during his term.

Cars, planes, and trains are great indeed, but for now, grab your children, open up a book packed with adventure, and travel somewhere magnificent in honor of Teddy Roosevelt!

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Spruce Up Your Child's Lunch with Our Downloadable Notes!

August 8, 2013

Summer is almost over!

Can you believe that? Summer always goes by so fast and before you know, you are packing lunches and checking homework for your kids. As the new school year begins, you should think about setting aside special time each day for you and your child to read. Even if you only read for 15 or 20 minutes a day, you are encouraging your child to become a lifelong reader.


The best times to read with your child:

• Before bedtime

• During breakfast and dinner

• Riding in the car (your child can read to you)

Fit reading into daily activities:

• Your child can read to you, while you do the dishes

• Read from the morning newspaper over juice and coffee

• Read street signs while driving in the car

• Lunchtime notes (download your free, printable notes below)

You can also show your child reading is fun by doing some reading of your own. Read a magazine, an ebook, or even the newspaper – the more your child sees family members reading for pleasure, the more he or she will want do do so as well.

TIP: Make a fun game out of your child "catching you reading." Create "I caught you reading!" cards and hand them out every time a family member is seen reading. At the end of the week hold a drawing for someone to win a prize.

Spruce up your child's lunch

If you pack a lunch for your child, slip in a little note letting them know how much you love them or give them a laugh with a quick knock-knock joke. No matter what you decide to write, your note encourages your child to read everywhere. They will begin to look forward to reading your notes each day!

Click here to download a full-size version for printing!

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Introducing Our New Elmo Loves You! Video

April 10, 2013

Elmo Loves You! Interactive Children's Book App

We are so excited to announce the release of our new Elmo Loves You! interactive children's book in the Put Me In The Story iPad app! Your child will star in this interactive story alongside Elmo. The best part of the app is when Elmo tells your child "Elmo loves you!" over and over. He will even ask for a kiss! Elmo's giggles will soon become contagious and your child will want to read this adorable story again!

Watch the Elmo trailer below
to see the lovable character come to life.

Your children will smile and giggle with Elmo!

elmo-video-snippet1 elmo-video-snippet2

April Showers Bring…App Sales!

In celebration of Elmo, we are discounting ALL of our interactive books by 50% in the app! You can now purchase the interactive bestselling books you already love for only $2.99. This offer is good through April 23 so download your books today!

"I love apps that teach my children or read to them
and Put Me In The Story does both."
—Jennifer @

More Books Available for In-App Purchase

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Send a Valentine From Your Favorite Character

February 4, 2013

Send a Valentine from your favorite character! Download these FREE Put Me In The Story Valentines!

Give your child the perfect Valentine's Day cards from their favorite characters. Print off these sweet sentiments and personalize them for the special ones in your life.

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