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Teach Your Kids to Dream BIG!

Teach Your Kids to Dream BIG!

It's important to provide your children with the tools they need to reach for the stars! Show them how to follow their heart and believe that anything is possible with these 5 tips.

Watch what happens when you help your child to dream big… really, really big!

1. Allow them to be curious and persistent—to voice their opinion, knowing that you're listening.

In fact, encourage them to do so! Demonstrate to your child what it means to be true to themselves: strong, fearless, and confident in his or her own skin.

2. Urge them to dream big, play dress up, and be imaginative.

Remind them that they can be anything they want when they grow up: a dentist, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, an author. Have an honest conversation about all of the hard work their dreams will require while letting them know that they are 100 percent capable of achieving their wildest dreams!

3. As they enter school, make sure they are building meaningful relationships.

It's important for kids to have strong bonds with peers and adults outside of your family—these people can provide support and act as role models in the real world.

4. Help your child focus on who they are…

Make sure they know that they are defined by their heart, character, abilities, and those who love them; not by their physical appearance or the opinions of others.

5. Show them how to set and stick to goals.

Sit down with your child and come up with their goals both big and small! They can get creative by writing or drawing their dreams on a poster board. Have a brainstorm on how you can work to make their dreams come true together!

Dream Big, Princess!Introducing Disney's Dream Big, Princess!

For every child who dreams big, there's a princess to show her it's possible!

The Disney Princesses are ready to DREAM BIG with your child! In this beautifully illustrated book, your little girl will write, draw, and imagine all the things she can be, led by the adventurous, independent, and ever-faithful Disney Princesses!

Your child's journey begins with a personalized letter and Princess Passport, which she can use to check off each princess as she reads their stories. Whether she's putting together a restaurant menu alongside Tiana, listing treasures she's found on her travels like Ariel, or comparing her bookshelf to Belle's, your kiddo will learn that being a princess is more than just wearing fancy dresses and living in a castle...it's about being brave, honorable, kind, and hardworking.

At the end, your little girl can match up each princess with her greatest wish, then fill in a special page with her own hopes and dreams!

October 11, 2016
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