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Winter Break Fun: 5 Gratitude Projects for Your Family

Winter Break Fun: 5 Gratitude Projects for Your Family

'Tis the season of giving, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to talk with your children about thankfulness. Start the conversation with this roundup of 5 Gratitude Projects for Your Family. Together, you'll count your blessings and discover the true meaning of the most wonderful time of year.

1) Thankful Jar (via Creative Family Fun)

The Thankful Jar is an easy craft that every member of your family, even the littlest ones, can do! Decorate a Mason jar with paint, photos, or (as this tutorial shows) paper hearts.

Then, cut sheets of paper into strips and jot down the people, places, and things for which you're most thankful. If your kids haven't learned to write yet, pictures work well, too! Leave some blank strips next to the jar so anyone can add to it when inspiration strikes.

Use this adorable craft as a centerpiece on your dining room table and take turns pulling slips from the jar at mealtimes. As you read the entries aloud, you'll relive fond memories and remember how lucky you truly are!

2) Gratitude Stones (via Fireflies + Mud Pies)

These precious crafts that fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack remind us that even when everything seems to be going wrong, there are still reasons to be thankful. Give a Gratitude Stone to each family member to carry with them during the day, or add them to your nighttime routine. Before you tuck in your little one, ask them to hold the stone and name one thing for which they're thankful that day. They'll fall asleep with that sweet thought on their minds.

3) Thanksgiving Wreath (via Chica and Jo)

The holidays bring lots of people to your door, so why not let your friends and extended family join in the fun? Everyone who stops by can write their name and one thing for which they're thankful on a clothespin, then add it to the wreath. You'll be able to look back on who visited you during the season and give thanks for all the loved ones who made it memorable.

4) Gratitude Photo Challenge (via Positively Present)

This activity is most popular in November, but you can do a photo challenge any month of the year. With prompts like clothing (warm winter boots), nature (the tree in your backyard) and taste (chocolate chip cookies), the whole family can chime in with ideas. You can even create a photo album at the end of the month!

5) Daily Thank You Post Cards (via The Good Long Road)

Pick up a pack of post cards and ask your child to decorate them with stickers and doodles. Then, help them write messages to family and friends near and far. Your loved ones are sure to smile when they receive your heartwarming snail mail!

We hope you enjoy giving thanks together.

Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2016
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