How To Create A Blissful Bedtime Routine + Free Printable Checklist

January 15, 2019
How To Create A Blissful Bedtime Routine + Free Printable Checklist

Sleep is an important part of your little one’s early mental and physical development. The trouble is, it can be a struggle to get them settled in for the night! Download our FREE Bedtime Routine Checklist to get your child more engaged in the process. It might just help everyone, grown-ups included, sleep more soundly.


After your child is nice and clean, keep the relaxation going with some lavender essential oil in a small diffuser. It can help your kiddo fall asleep and stay asleep.


For toddlers who are learning to dress themselves, start with elastic pajama bottoms that are easy to pull up.


Got a reluctant brusher? Let them choose their own special toothbrush! They’ll be able to find some of their favorite characters on toothpaste, too.


If your little one is just starting potty training, we’ve got ideas to make the process more enjoyable.

Start with our quiz, Which Potty Training Strategy is Best for Your Child? then check out more tips for Creating a Child-Centered Potty Training Experience and 7 Ways to Make a Happy Potty Place for Your Child.

A personalized book is a unique way to boost your child’s confidence as they tackle this exciting challenge.

Big Boys Go Potty Personalized Book


Set a timer for 10–15 minutes of restful activities like drawing, coloring, puzzles, or listening to music that will help your child unwind.


Ask your child to share their favorite part of their day. Reflecting on the people/places/things and moments they’re grateful for will help them find the good in every day.


Make bedtime more magical with an enchanting read to send your little one off to sweet dreams! Here are some of our favorites:

All Tucked In On Sesame Street Personalized Book


Grown-ups and kids agree: there’s no better way to end the day than with a hug and a kiss from a loved one!

How-To: DIY Dry-Erase Bedtime Routine Checklist

    • Bedtime Routine Checklist (printable)
    • Picture frame (8 in. x 10 in.)
    • Scissors
    • Washable or Dry Erase Markers
    • Optional: Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper (for the picture frame background)
    1. Print the Bedtime Routine Checklist on card stock or printer paper.
    2. Cut the along the dotted lines to fit the frame.
    3. Place the checklist in the picture frame.
    4. Optional: With the frame glass-side down, place the wrapping or scrapbook paper over the checklist.
    5. Secure the paper(s) in the frame.
    6. After your child completes each task, ask him/her to check off the task with washable/dry-erase markers.
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